Issue # 4-When 'No' Means 'Yes'-

Image of Issue # 4-When 'No' Means 'Yes'-


Remember when I thought 66 pages was chunky? This time, for our sexual harassment issue, our little baby is growing up + its morbid obesity is something no one is concerned about. We barely scraped by finishing this issue on time (4 hours before the end of the month, to be exact) but boasting a healthy 84 pages, we aren't complaining! And at $3, you won't be complaining either! We've got features like how to say "NO" in any language, an article on what YOU need to know about Date Rape Drugs, lyrics from the Dresden Dolls and Ms. Julie Ruin, 'How To: Kick A$$ Like You Mean It', 'Reality Show Rapists-in-Training' on The Pick-Up Artist, a piece from the lovely Ms. Lucy Gruesome, contributions from various kids on their own sexual harassment situations, a few fun games to pass the time, as always: a prose piece, a bit from the editor on Sexist humor, and more more more that you'll need to find out about on your own!